Pixel 4a vs. iPhone SE (2020): Which smartphone is worth choosing?

Yesterday, Google officially launched Pixel 4a – a low-cost Pixel model and a shortened version of the flagship Pixel 4. Set by Google at $ 349, the Pixel 4a becomes a direct competitor to the iPhone SE Apple’s.

So, between the two cheap phone models of Apple and Google, which one is more worth choosing? Here, we would like to summarize some of the strengths of Pixel 4a and iPhone SE compared to the remaining models.

What is the reason to choose Pixel 4A?

  1. Take better photos

The Pixel series is famous for its imaging capabilities, and this is no exception with the Pixel 4A. The Pixel 4A is equipped with the main camera hardware and software that is almost identical to the Pixel 4 flagship, so users can expect great quality photos, both in bright and low light conditions. Features such as Live HDR + (Real-time HDR), Night Sight (night photography), Astrophotography (astrophotography), Portrait Mode (erase image) … are all available on Pixel 4a.

As a budget device, the Pixel 4a has only one camera and lacks a wide-angle or telephoto lens. However, this is also the weakness of the iPhone SE, not just the Pixel 4a.

  1. The screen is nicer

The Pixel 4a uses a perforated screen, thin bezels, and gives a much higher screen-to-body ratio than the iPhone SE. If the iPhone SE screen looks “old” like the iPhone 6 launched 6 years ago, then when looking at the Pixel 4a, people immediately realize that this is a new device.

Not only the design, the display quality of the Pixel 4a screen is also much better thanks to the use of OLED technology and Full HD + resolution, instead of IPS LCD and HD like the iPhone SE.

  1. There is a version that supports 5G

If you want to experience 5G network technology, Pixel 4a is the only choice. Currently, Google has announced plans to launch a Pixel 4a version with 5G network support in the near future for $ 499. Meanwhile, the iPhone SE obviously won’t get this.

  1. Quick charging with box

There’s a 18W PD fast charger in the Pixel 4a box, and the iPhone SE is just a super slow 5W charger. Knowing that the price for a fast charger is not too expensive, but in the affordable segment, this is something worth paying attention to.

  1. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack

In stark contrast to high-end products, Google still keeps the 3.5mm headphone jack on its budget smartphone. Apple doesn’t do that – all smartphones it currently sells are retired from the headphone jack.

  1. Cheaper price

The Pixel 4a costs $ 349, while the iPhone SE is $ 399. So, right from the start, Pixel 4a was $ 50 cheaper.

However, it should be noted that the Pixel 4a has 128GB of internal memory. The 128GB version of the iPhone SE costs $ 449. The distance of up to 100 USD is not small, because it accounts for nearly 1/3 of the value of these models.

What is the reason to choose iPhone SE?

  1. More advanced design

Even the cheapest iPhone is Apple elaborated on the finishing and materials. iPhone SE is made of metal and glass, beautiful, luxurious and much stronger than plastic material of Pixel 4a.

  1. Better performance, more usable for longer

iPhone SE inherits the Apple A13 chip like on the high-end iPhone 11 generation. This brings a huge advantage to the iPhone SE in terms of performance, especially when the Pixel 4a is only equipped with the Snapdragon 730G chip is cut. At the present time and in the long run, iPhone SE will certainly bring a smoother experience than Pixel 4a.

  1. Run iOS

Not only the chip is strong, another important reason why the iPhone SE provides a smooth experience is that the iOS operating system is very well customized.

In addition, for ordinary phone users, iOS is a more suitable operating system thanks to its ease of use, high security and built-in applications such as iMessage or FaceTime.

  1. Water resistant

iPhone SE is IP67 water resistant, which is useful for users when they use the device in the rain or accidentally drop water.

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