Apple’s App Store revenue surpasses $ 64 billion in 2020

According to the data, App Store revenue in 2018 was about 48.5 billion USD, in 2019 it was about 50 billion USD and reached 64 billion USD by 2020. This shows that during the COVID-19 pandemic, many users Working from home and spending a lot of time and finance on game apps, contributing to strong growth in App Store sales.

Today, the App Store business has become an important area of ​​growth for Apple. This department’s performance is included in Apple’s service department. In the 2020 fiscal year ending in late September, Apple’s services revenue was $ 53.7 billion.

Although the App Store created huge profits for Apple, it also became the trigger that caused Apple to be criticized by the outside world. They think Apple’s power is too great and the 30% commission that the App Store charges is too high. Recently, Apple has adjusted the fee structure to take only 15% from companies with revenue on this app store below 1 million USD.

Apple does not disclose the annual sales of the App Store. By contrast, since 2013, Apple has released some related data every January, including the total amount Apple has paid to developers since the launch of the App Store in 2008. Through these numbers, it is possible to roughly calculate the revenue that the App Store generates based on the amount Apple pays developers annually.

A statement released by Apple on Wednesday shows that since 2008, Apple has paid developers $ 200 billion, up $ 45 billion from the figure published in January 2020. If that number equates to 70% of App Store revenue, last year’s App Store’s total revenue was about $ 64 billion.

With a 30% commission but there are some exceptions, and the Apple published figures are raw, that means total App Store sales could be higher. Sensor Tower predicts that App Store sales by 2020 could reach $ 72.3 billion.

Starting this year, Apple will charge a 15% commission for small developers who make less than $ 1 million per year on the App Store instead of 30%.

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