Global smartphone sales fell to a record in 2020

The latest report compiled by Digitimes Research shows that global smartphone sales dropped a record 8.8% in 2020, equivalent to a total of 1.24 billion smartphones shipped.

The biggest drop was recorded in the first quarter of 2020, when the companies were caught by surprise and were unable to get back on track by the rapid escalation of the pandemic.

Samsung, Apple and Huawei are once again the top three smartphone makers in 2020. Coming in next are Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo.

However, only Apple and Xiaomi recorded growth of over 10%. In the opposite direction, Samsung and Huawei both faced a double-digit drop.

In a difficult year, the most positive signal for the mobile world is undoubtedly the expansion and deployment of 5G. According to a report, in 2020, it is estimated that 280-300 million 5G smartphone shipments will be shipped. This is a significant increase from the 20 million 5G smartphones recorded in 2019.

This number is expected to continue to grow even stronger in 2021, when low-cost 5G SoC chipsets are preparing to arrive in large numbers.

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