What Samsung has always outperformed Apple

Apple surpassed Samsung in several important areas, but this small accessory alone faced many difficulties.

Samsung has just held an online event called Life Unstoppable. Here, the Korean technology company introduced a new wireless charging dock, which can charge 3 devices at the same time. Apple had several times planned to develop a similar accessory, but then died due to technical problems.

True to the name Wireless Charger Trio, this charger can power 3 devices at the same time, including phones, tablets, smart watches. Because it uses the Qi standard, it is compatible with all wireless charging enabled products on the market.

This is not the first wireless charger to support 3 devices at the same time, but as of now, there are very few such products. In particular, Samsung launched the Wireless Charger Trio as a move to dig deep into Apple’s “pain”.

The Cupertino giant once announced plans to develop an AirPower charger with a similar function, but had to cancel it because of technical difficulties. After that, the rumors mentioned more about this project a few times, but so far no products have appeared.

Samsung press release does not mention release date and price. According to SamMobile, users can buy Wireless Charger Trio “in the near future” for $ 115.

Another noteworthy device introduced at Life Unstoppable is the Galaxy Tab A7, a tablet with a 10.4-inch screen, thin bezels, metal casing, 4 Dolby Atmos speakers and a high-capacity battery.

Samsung has not revealed much about the Galaxy Tab A7, but Tech Radar thinks the A series will be cheaper than the high-end S series. From there, they predict this device will be affordable and become a competitor of iPad 10.2.

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