The highest price for the iPhone 12 is $ 1,300

The smallest version of the iPhone 12 – the iPhone 12 mini – will start at $ 699, while the most expensive model starts at $ 1,300.

iPhone 12 mini is the smallest screen version of the upcoming Apple phone series, expected to be 5.4 inches. According to Wall Street Journal analyst Tom Forte, the device will not support 5G, which will be sold at prices starting at $ 699.

Meanwhile, the remaining three versions (iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max) all feature 5G. iPhone 12 with 6.1 inch screen will start from $ 999. iPhone 12 Pro with similar screen size but higher configuration will cost more than $ 100. iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most expensive, expected price from $ 1,300.

Last year, the iPhone 11 also started at $ 699. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 Pro from $ 999, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max from $ 1,099. Thus, the price of the two most high-end models in the iPhone 12 series can increase by 100-200 USD compared to a year ago.

Some experts think that the increase in the price of the iPhone compared to the previous generation can be controversial, especially when many people expect ditching the charger and the headset will cause the iPhone to drop in price. However, other opinions suggest that users can be “compensated” by the 5G network, the Apple A14 chip and many new features.

Some recent rumors suggest that the performance of the iPhone 12 mini may not be as expected. A Twitter account called MauriQHD – who has many accurate predictions about unreleased devices – thinks that Apple may equip an entirely new chip, named B14, for this product. This is the processor that Apple targets in the mid-range segment, based on the architecture of the A14 Bionic but with a lower number of processor cores.

Meanwhile, the remaining three iPhone versions will be equipped with the most powerful A14 chip, as well as integrated 5G.

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