The A14 Bionic chip on the iPhone 12 is up to 40% stronger than the A13

TSMC’s 5nm architecture promises to give wings to Apple’s next A14 Bionic processor, making the iPhone 12 the most powerful smartphone. According to the latest disclosure, the A14 Bionic chip can be up to 40% stronger than the A13 Bionic.

According to the source of Komiya, a technology expert, the A14 chip will have 40% more powerful CPU performance and 50% more powerful GPU performance compared to the previous generation. Thanks to that, the iPhone 12 will not only have stronger processing performance but also the graphics performance will be very impressive.

Detailed specifications of the A14 Bionic processor have yet to be revealed. However, according to a previous performance score leak, comparing the speed of the A14 Bionic chip to the A12X Bionic in the 2018 iPad Pro, revealed the A14 processor with 6 cores.

That means Apple will increase processing speed, while keeping the same number of cores compared to the previous generation. In a previous analysis by XDA, the A14 Bionic could be more powerful than the 15-inch MacBook Pro with an Intel chip.

Apple is moving very fast in designing its own processor chips. This is also the premise for Apple to launch the first Mac computers equipped with ARM mobile chips. One thing is for sure that the performance of these chips will be very strong, not inferior to traditional Intel chips.

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