Samsung produces the world’s most ‘flexible’ bendable OLED display

Samsung Display has announced that it has successfully commercialized foldable OLED screens with the world’s smallest curvature with a curvature of 1.4R.

The 1.4R radius of curvature refers to the degree of flexion of a circle with a radius of 1.4 mm. The smaller the value of the curvature radius (R), the less free space on the crease, the perfect fold of the device.

This product has been successfully commercialized by consistently passing 200,000 folding tests, which is a measure of the durability of foldable panels. This product has also been certified for its durability by the global certification body BureauVeritas based in France.

Previously, Samsung also received a certificate from the global testing and certification organization SGS on the blue light level of the screen, under which Samsung has reduced the harmful blue light to 6.5%, the level of the lowest in the monitor industry, significantly reducing eye strain.

This 7.6 inch foldable OLED display has a resolution of 2208 × 1768 pixels and is the third display introduced by Samsung Display. It’s used for the Galaxy Z Fold 2, a foldable phone Samsung hit the market recently.

“The 1.4R foldable OLED display will bring new value to consumers by offering excellent quality and near-perfect folding functionality,” said a Samsung Display official.

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