iPhone 13 will have the feature to completely change the look of iPhone

According to PhoneArena, @IceUniverse source recently revealed that Apple is perfecting the camera technology hidden under the screen.

Therefore, the successor iPhone iPhone 12 may be completely removed “rabbit ears”. This has also been predicted by the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from 2019.

This information also matches Apple’s patent filing, which illustrates an iPhone without a notch. Apples are also said to be developing Touch ID technology hidden under the screen.

Not only Apple, Samsung is also said to be perfecting the selfie camera technology hidden under the screen.

The rumors about Samsung’s flagship line will have this feature for a long time. But because the camera placed under the screen will give lower light transmission speed and affect image quality, Samsung has to extend the finishing time to remove the limitations.

This is also something that Redmi CEO Lu Weibing – Xiaomi’s sub-brand has made public. OPPO’s smartphone prototype that had this feature demonstrated by the company last year also had a similar problem.

The source @IceUniverse also said that Samsung is perfecting the selfie camera technology hidden under the screen that is superior to all current solutions.

In addition, Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, also confirmed that this display technology will be commercialized next year. If Samsung doesn’t equip the Galaxy S21 with this technology, it will most likely be available on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Ross Young said.

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