Apple is about to launch the cheapest MacBook in history

Recently, Twitter account @Komiya_jp has revealed that the MacBook and MacBook Pro with Apple’s first ARM chip will have the cheapest price in history.

Specifically, the source said that the MacBook will cost only from 799 USD, while the MacBook Pro 13-inch version will cost 1,100 USD. Both products are expected to launch on October 27.

Compared to the previous generation MacBook Air (2020) and 13-inch MacBook Pro (2020), the new MacBooks are priced around $ 200 lower, and promise to make Apple fans extremely excited.

If this information is correct, the price of $ 799 will help the product become the cheapest MacBook Apple has ever brought to the market, breaking previous records for the 11-inch MacBook Air (2014) and iPad. 11-inch Pro.

That shows that the process of self-developing CPU helps Apple save a lot of production costs compared to cooperating to buy CPU from Intel before.

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